Gary Hedden.
Gary Hedden.
Audio Engineering & Acoustic Design


Audio Engineer Gary Hedden began his audio career in the early sixties, and continues to be an active engineer in recording, mixing and mastering in Nashville. During his professional career, he was Chief Engineer at MPS in Cleveland, co-founder of Hedden West and The Diskwerks in Chicago, and owner of the GHL Remote Audio truck based in Nashville. Past positions include Audio Engineer for the Nashville Chamber Orchestra and Board Member of Kids On Stage Foundation.

His acoustic designs are developed from the viewpoint of one who sits in the monitor space, living with the consequences of nearby peripheral equipment and ergonomic issues.

Today, in addition to consulting and design of many smaller studios in the region, he operates a serious mixing and mastering facility in a home-based control room, to be aware of the limitations of his client's spaces. He has been an active member of the Audio Engineering Society since 1968. He holds a Patent for an audio recording technique used in desensitizing domestic animals. Awards include gold and platinum records, Grammys, CLIOs, and an Emmy.



Gary Hedden is by far, the most knowledgeable and skilled audio engineer I have worked with...he is my first choice on any session I am involved in.
— Chester Thompson, Drummer (Weather Report, Genesis, Frank Zappa)
You, my friend, are Einstein of Sound! I listened to your wonderful recording with Don Hart’s John Jorgenson music. You are a genius.
— Phil Keaggy, Musician
Gary’s knowledge of what an acoustical space should sound like is second to none. Don’t be fooled by charlatans that purvey smoke and mirrors. Gary’s integrity is beyond reproach. He did wonders with my space. It greatly exceeded my expectations!
— Hank Williams, Mastering Engineer
Gary did my mix room 3 years ago, and it’s fantastic. The acoustics were top notch - in fact, when ATC flew out from the UK to set up my monitors, they shot the space and commented that they’ve done $4-million rooms that don’t work this well. Gary knows sound. I trust Gary implicitly with any and all acoustics, and have referred him to countless friends & clients - something I will only do if the work is superlative.
— F. Reid Shippen, Engineer / Producer
I don’t have a clue how you design and build anything that stunning, comfortable and functional. That’s part of your genius, I guess.
— Jeff Bloom, PhD, MD and SynchroArts founder


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